We’ve been best friends since 1967

We’ve been best friends since 1967

This is a story about two elderly, quirky but warm ladies holding hands and posing for a snapshot in New York.

It is the story of Brandon Stanton, an american photographer, committed to the task of portraying New York’s census while learning from everybody’s lives in the form of short snippets and quotes. He began Humans Of New York back in 2010 and has since broadened the project with a few other places as well. All of his photographs and stories are published in his blog.

“It could be just where the person’s standing. It could be what they’re wearing. It could be anything,”

he said.

Whatever it is that catches his eye, will surely catch yours as well. To follow his new daily updates proves a very uplifting morning reading for me. Right before diving myself into work I get to know so many different people and their life stories, that I can relativize my own. It’s like the human part of travelling without having to move around.

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