Watercolor for fashion

Watercolor for fashion

While surfing the Vogue website I came across Sara Singh illustrations and instantly fell in love with her gorgeous style. Sara is a swedish, New York based illustrator who boasts an impressive client roster including Givenchy, Jil Sander, Tiffany, Bloomingdales, MAC cosmetics, Este Lauder, Lancôme and Vogue.

“The body is endlessly intriguing and drawing is a kind of stenography describing it,” she says. “It’s faster than painting, but still tells the story.”

Her fluid illustrations are primarily executed in a blend of undefined watercolour, sharp lines of ink and vivid brushstrokes of colour, creating an impressionist take on runway fashions.

After long being the darling of the fashion industry, Sara Singh turned her brush to literature for a Splinter Classics reprint of celebrated female authors. She also did the Jackie Collins multi-title rebranding. I must say I rather prefer her fashion illustrations, I don’t like all books looking the same. To honour their interior, each book should be unique. Below you’ll see what I mean.

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