Today’s To-Dos

Today’s To-Dos

Back in May my younger sister turned 25.

She began to think about all those things one must accomplish before it is too late. I would like to help her out with some. What do you think?

  • Go into an elevator and say: “I guess you’re wondering why I have called you all in today…”
  • Go into a supermarket and ask what year it is. When you get the answer back shout “IT WORKED!” and run off.
  • Tell a pregnant woman: “your son is ‘The One'”, and run off.
  • In public, begin to cough, fake asphyxia, take out a recorder and say: “Day 9. The virus has mutated. I need to find the antidote”.
  • Climb on a Taxi and yell: “Follow that car!”
  • Assist a wedding and shout: “I oppose!” and run off.
  • Call a random number and say: “Ok, I got the body. What do I do with it now?”

That would certainly be funny!

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