Under the title “Semipermeable – Photography facing fashion and identity” 16 students from the HTW-Berlin (myself included) presented last Friday, July 20th, a group photographic exhibition, directed and coordinated by fashion photographer Joachim Baldauf.

Berlin’s Seven Star Gallery will held from July 21st to August 18th 2012 the works from this semester’s study from the outer fashion shell to the search for the true inner skin in the form of self-portraits. The photographs deal with intimacy, passion, uniformity, veiling and the question of when fashion becomes the skin and viceversa.

Joachim Baldauf is one of the most famous fashion and portrait photographers. He publishes regularly in “Zeit Magazin“, “SZ-Magazin” and “Stern” and has been awarded various prizes, including the “Distinctive Merit Award” in 1999, being the only German photographer ever to receive it. Baldauf also publishes since 2004 the art magazine “Vorn“.

Bea Cabrera, Mona Geyer, Inigo Gracianteparaluceta, Sandra Gramm, Johanna Hullar, Sarah Lancelin, Winnie Mahrin, Ingrid Raab, Simon Richter, Marlene Sattler, Gregor Schmidt, Hannah Schorch, Berit Styll, Armin Unruh, Marie Weikopf, Sabine Zschaubitz


Seven Star Gallery – Gormanstraße 7 | 10119 Berlin
(S+U Alexanderplatz or U8 Rosenthaler Platz)

* The photographs will be exhibited in the traditional gallery context and are available in limited quantities.

Author: Bea Cabrera

Freelance Filmmaker with a passion for big cities, snowboard, cinema and a weakness for the smell of freshly ground coffee. Engineer & Graphic Designer in a previous life, loving and living both: art and technology.  

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