The process in Kelly Smith’s illustrations

Kelly Smith, from Birdy & Me, lives and works in Tasmania, Australia. In 2006 she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Tasmanian School of Art and has since gone on to pursue of a freelance career in both portrait and fashion illustration, having worked already with a vast number of clientes including: Net-A-Porter, Vogue Australia, Portmans, The Sunday Times Co. y General Pants Co. Kelly has the ability to create whimsical and yet life like imagery that merges fashion and beauty to perfection.

In short she draws life as we would all like to live it, full of flowers, pastels hues and perfectly tousled waves.

Her work has been published in InStyle, Russh, Nylon, NET-A-PORTER magazine, TASCHEN’s ‘Illustration Now! Vol. 4’ as well as the soon-to-be-released ‘Fashion Illustration Now!’, and most recently in a series of illustrated books with Laurence King Publishers titled ‘Sticker Fashionista.’

She draws inspiration from fashion, cinema and the creepy-but-beautiful elements of fairy tales to create stunning pencil drawings with touches of watercolor and digital retouching. Beautiful, delicate, fragile, a little bit collage, a little bit sketchfull. This is the work of Kelly Smith. She has a knack for capturing every finite detail of her subject’s physique, whether it is their body, or facial features. There is a refined elegance within her illustrations that avoids the common thread of veering too close towards a sickly sweet feeling. Her interests with fashion illustration, especially the portraits of the famed models who grace the world’s catwalks, showcase her expert talent and natural flair for capturing the human form.

You can purchase some of her prints at: http://www.birdyandme.bigcartel.com/

Her process begins from a collage of photographs she puts together to create the one image she wants to achieve with her pencils. The she sketches and draws in details using HB, 2HB, 3B and 3H pencils. Then she scans the piece to save an untouched version and the next step is to apply watercolor on it. She finally scans this piece two and merge together both of them on the computer, adjusting levels and other digital fine retouching.

Here are some more of her artworks:

Author: Bea Cabrera

Freelance Filmmaker with a passion for big cities, snowboard, cinema and a weakness for the smell of freshly ground coffee. Engineer & Graphic Designer in a previous life, loving and living both: art and technology.  

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  1. sheelu says: November 18, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    realy ..you are awesome… great imagination…

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