The 2018 Oscar’s are soon approaching and everyone is figuring out their polls. I’m interested in a kind of different one though: let’s talk POSTERS!! Which are your faves, which you hate and why.


  • I’m in lOVE with 3 Billboards. The diagonal orange over the immensity of the sky, + a cute retro title kind of logo. Represents the movie 100%.
  • I also love the treatment in Darkest Hour. The symbolism of war red and the smoke of cigar are amazing. It’s simple yet heavily textured.


  • Lady Bird is great in representing the film and what it’s about. It’s treatment of color and type is what makes it stand out by showing the eclecticism and singularity of this being.
  • The Post is a fantastic minimalist take on the movie. A huge obstacle. A big decision. And you’re so small.


  • I absolutely HATE Phantom Thread. Or at least how it’s done. Looks amateurish. And I’ve been really postponing to watch the movie BECAUSE of the poster.
  • Get Out?? Broken Glass? Is this supposed to be a broken TV screen? Cos if not I don’t see the symbolism for the movie, just an excuse to fit in a collage of images we don’t even know what they mean. No clear tonal palette or mood.


  • Call Me By Your Name leaves me totally indifferent. The picture is not great, I kind of want to see the other face too. But also what’s with all the writing on top? It tells me nothing visually. It’s a trend that has to stop! On the other hand, it’s simple and represents the movie correctly. So it does the job.
  • The Shape of Water. While it’s nice to have it hand drawn and all, I don’t see the point.
  • Dunkirk is difficult for me. It’s one of my all time favorite movies, yet I don’t see that in the poster. I like the movie for all the reasons that aren’t in here. The vast landscapes, the amazing views, the claustrophobic underwater, the floating through the air, the breeze of the sea, the hundreds of lives lost, the three different stories, the civilians helping the military escape… I don’t feel it. I just see a troubled kid. I think it’s lazy and, while it’s well executed, it misses the point.

And I’d like to give Blade Runner a special mention for the application of their look & feel to the entire campaign. Absolute¬†


Author: Bea Cabrera

Freelance Filmmaker with a passion for big cities, snowboard, cinema and a weakness for the smell of freshly ground coffee. Engineer & Graphic Designer in a previous life, loving and living both: art and technology.  

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