Installing Adobe ProRes codecs

Installing Adobe ProRes codecs

I think the best combination of software + codecs for video editing is Adobe (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder…) together with Apple’s ProRes codecs.

As you probably know if you are searching for this information, Apple gives you ProApps Quicktime Codecs for free, but expects you to use them together with some ProApp like Final Cut, Motion or Compressor. If you are more of an Adobe fan and would like to use them without having to install any of these, there is a way to unpack the installer that won’t work by simply clicking on it.

1. Download ProApps Quicktime Codecs (including Apple ProRes)

2. Download unpacker

After mounting the .dmg, if you try to unpack the .pkg by clicking you will get this:


You’ll have to unpack the PKG file and install the codecs manually, so download unpkg for FREE here:

3. Move files

Once unpacked simple move the files into Library/Quicktime and Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder will automatically add these codecs to QuickTime export codecs and work with ProRes 4444 .mov containers natively.

4. That’s it!

Some information on Apple ProRes codecs:

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