Campus Party @ Tempelhof

Campus Party @ Tempelhof

This year Campus Party will finally not take place in Spain. But I’m on the lucky side, because as it was announced early in August, Campus Party Europe will actually be held in Berlin this August, so I could say it has moved with me from my hometown to Berlin.
Isn’t that a lucky strike?

Campus Party is one of the biggest electronic entertainment events. A weeklong, 24-hours-a-day technology festival for thousands of “campuseros” – hackers, developers, gamers and geeks, which I’ve been attending since 2004.

News conference – August 7 – from @pacoragageles

It will be held in the former Tempelhof Central Airport, renamed to Tempelhofer Feld (Tempelhof field) in May 2010. When I first came to visit this old airport in 2009, it was closed and fenced. It had served since 1923, being one of the 20 biggest buildings in the world at the time, all through the Nazi period, World War II, Cold War and German reunification… up to 2008, when it was finally closed. Tempelhof was one of the three main airports during WWII, serving the Western Powers to provide West-Berlin with food and other life necessities to sustain the city’s 2½ million residents in one of the greatest feats in aviation history.

Tempelhof Airport in 2009

Tempelhof while it still served as an airport.

On a tender note: during the period of the Berlin Airlift, an American pilot (Gail Halvorsen) was dubbed the Candy Bomber for releasing candy in parachutes as he landed in Tempelhof to all the kids nearby.

Tempelhof in 1948, during the Berlin Airlift that saved West-Berlin citizens.

It is still a huge area were grass grows unkept and rapidly covering up remains of the past. It now serves as a park, an escape from the city… only inside the city. It usually helds sporting activities, concerts, BBQs (grillen!) and many other leisure stuff and is quickly becoming one the many great parks of Berlin.

These are photos from last Sunday afternoon and night. Yes, here is were I came to watch the Olympic Closing Ceremony. And you know what? I live just 10 minutes by bike from Tempelhof!

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